3 Clever Tips to Make Traveling with Pets a Breeze

By Alicia Compton

3 Clever Tips to Make Traveling with Pets a Breeze 

If you find yourself faced with having to move or needing to travel and are finding it hard to accommodate your pet, take a look at these tips.

Here are three clever tips to make traveling with pets a breeze -- and possible.

1. Reach out to other pet owners on social media who have experience traveling with pets.

We use social media for everything. For products recommendations to finding out about breaking news events. If you need help traveling with your pet, reach out to your people on social media.

If you don’t get any help from your Facebook friends, join pet owner Facebook groups and reach out to them. You're bound to get a lot of help from pet owners in these groups. Don’t be shy either. Be honest about your situation and your budget when reaching out. Who knows who may see your post?

2. Before traveling with pets, make sure you have proper identification for all of your pets.

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That’s right, even our pets need to have some type of identification.

Keep a file with all of your pets important information that is unique to them. Such as microchip numbers, health records, vaccine records, and veterinarian information.

It’s also important that you keep a recent picture of your pets on hand in case of an emergency. You can also keep your pet double protected by attaching some type of identification tag to their collar or carrier.

If your pet wears a collar, make sure your pet’s collar has a loop where you can attach an identification tag with your pets name and your up-to-date contact information.

If you’re looking for a trendy collar to attach your pet’s ID tag to while traveling, check out our 24K Gold Glam Dog Collar. Pets should be able to travel in style too, right?


3. If traveling with pets by car, invest in a crash-tested pet carrier.

When pets travel with you in a car, they also need to be restrained for theirs and your safety. We know dogs flapping their tongue out the window is a super cute scenario. Though super cute, far from super safe.

Instead, ensure your pet’s safety in a pet car seat and carrier. Like this one, the Gen7 Commuter™ Pet Carrier & Car Seat. Crash tested and 5-Star rated by The Center for Pet Safety®, this pet car seat combo will keep your pet safe when traveling by car.

Must-Have Products for Traveling with Pets

If you plan on traveling with your pets, these products are must-haves. They will make traveling easier for you and your pets.

Pet Carriers

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Pet Collars and Leashes

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