Tips to Create a Pet-Friendly Holiday Home

Tips to Create a Pet-Friendly Holiday Home

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The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, but it can also be a stressful time for our furry friends. 

With all of the decorations, guests, and tempting treats, it’s important to create a pet-friendly home for the holidays. 

Winter can be a magical time, but it can also be a challenging season for our furry friends. As temperatures drop, it's important to make sure our pets are warm, safe, and comfortable. 

Here are some of my best tips to make sure your pets stay safe, happy, cozy and warm during the holiday season.

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pets Blog 

Keep Pets Safe and Happy

Tip #1: Be mindful of the decorations you use. Avoid decorations that are easily breakable or that could be harmful if ingested. 

Tinsel, for example, can cause blockages in your pet’s digestive system if they eat it. Also, keep wires and cords out of reach of your pets to avoid electrocution or choking hazards.

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pets Blog 

Tip #2: When it comes to Christmas trees, make sure it is securely anchored to prevent it from falling over if your pet decides to climb it. 

Consider using a pet gate around the tree to keep your pets from getting too close. If you have a real tree, be sure to keep the water reservoir covered to prevent your pets from drinking the water, which can be harmful.

I have a Christmas tree for my pets, and redirect them to their tree, to keep them out of my big tree. 

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pets Blog 

Pro tip: Add bells to the lower branches of your Christmas tree so you can hear the cats before they have a chance to climb. 

Tip #3: Be mindful of the food and treats you offer your pets during the holiday season. While it may be tempting to share some of your holiday feast with your furry friends, many human foods can be toxic or harmful to pets. 

Avoid giving them bones, chocolate, or any food that is high in fat or sugar.

I give my cats treats specifically for them. I set the treats all around the tree, then open the door of the bedroom. They run towards the tree and start eating treats and rolling around with catnip toys. It’s a little holiday tradition of ours. It’s also a perfect time to take video and photos of them to remember the occasion.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your pets have a safe and happy holiday season in your pet-friendly home.

If you need a little refresher on Pet Safety During the Holidays, here’s a great blog post I wrote with some great tips.

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pets Blog 

Create A Cozy Winter Wonderland

Tip #1: Make sure your pet has a warm and comfortable place to sleep. A cozy bed with soft blankets or a heated pet pad can provide a comfortable resting spot for your pet.  

If your pet spends time outdoors, make sure they have access to a warm and dry shelter, such as a doghouse or insulated cat shelter. 

Tip #2: Protect your pet from the elements. Dogs and cats can get cold just like humans, so dress them in a warm coat or sweater if they will be spending time outside.

Be sure to also keep their paws protected with booties or paw wax, as snow and ice can be harsh on their sensitive paw pads.

 Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pets Blog

Tip #3: Create a fun winter wonderland for your pets to enjoy. Set up an indoor play area with toys, tunnels, and scratching posts for your cat and for dogs, consider setting up a small obstacle course or playing fetch in the snow.

By following these tips, you can create a cozy winter wonderland for your pets and ensure they stay warm, safe, and happy during the colder months this year.

Paw-fect Presents: Unwrapping Joy with Pet Toys and Treats

 Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pets Blog

With Christmas being just around the corner, it's the paw-fect time to show our furry friends how much we love them. 

Pet toys and treats are a great way to make your pet happy and keep them entertained during the holiday season. There are infinite options for pet toys and treats, so here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Christmas Pet Toys at Chloe Cole Pet Couture

One great option for pet toys is puzzle toys. These toys are designed to keep your pet's mind active and engaged. They often involve hiding treats inside the toy, which your pet has to figure out how to get to. Puzzle toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that works for your pet.

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pet Toys

Another popular option is chew toys. Not only do they keep your pet entertained, but they also help promote dental health by reducing tartar buildup. Look for toys made from durable materials, such as rubber or nylon, to ensure they can withstand your pet's chewing.

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pet Toys

When it comes to treats, there are plenty of options as well. Consider getting your pet a special holiday-themed treat, such as a gingerbread-flavored treat. You can also find treats that are specifically designed for your pet's dietary needs, such as grain-free or low-fat options.

I have some wonderful new toys and treats for both dogs and cats in the shop. 

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Christmas Pet Toys

Just remember, no matter what toys or treats you choose, it’s always a good idea to supervise your pet while they're playing or eating to ensure their safety. 

Chloe Cole Pet Couture Cat Treats and Dog Treats

And there you have it! I hope these tips help you create a pet-friendly home this holiday season. One that’s filled with warmth, joy, fun and lots of love. 

Wishing you and your furry friend a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!