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Pet Identification

Pet Identification


Our furbabies are family and as pet parents, we want to love and care for them.  Millions of pets are lost each year and many never go home.   It is National Pet ID Week, and it is the perfect time to protect your fur baby with a pet ID tag, microchip, or personalized collar. 


Check your pets’ tags and microchips every year.  Is the tag still readable or is the phone number current?  If not, it is time to get a new one.   If you have pet insurance, ask for a Lost and Found tag to link to the collar.  Add your rabies tag too but remember that most shelters are closed on the weekends.  Check your collars for fraying or weakness and replace as needed. 


This is a great time to microchip your fur babies.  If they already have chips, ask your vet to scan your fur babies for the microchip at every visit to make sure it works.  If your pets are registered, review and update your contact information.  If you have not registered your pet, you can register with one or more of the registries, but always register with the manufacture of the microchip first.  Without registration, your fur baby might not make it home.


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