Pet Identification

Keep Your Pet Safe with Proper Pet Identification

As loving pet parents like us, you understand just how much our pets mean to us. In fact, they’re not just pets—they’re our fur babies, and they’re family! That being said, we want to love, care for, and protect them any way that we can so they can live long, happy lives with us.

One of the absolute best ways you can assure this is by staying on top of proper pet identification practices.

Celebrate National Pet ID Week with Pet Identification

Millions of pets are lost each year and many never go home. There’s no heartbreak like that of losing a pet. In honor of National Pet ID Week, we believe this is the perfect time to protect your fur baby with a pet ID tag, microchip, or personalized collar!

Whether your pet is already microchipped or not, there are things you can do to keep your pet safe with proper identification. Read on for our best tips to protect your fur baby!

  1. Check your pet’s tags & collar for wear & tear every year.
    Over time, your pet’s tags may fade, fray, or even fall off. Make sure the tag is still readable and all the information on it, like phone number and addresses, are up to date. If not, it is time to get a new one. Same thing goes with their collar. If you notice fraying or weakness, replace it with a new one to prevent it from falling off.

  2. Include additional tags for extra protection.
    There are a couple other kinds of tags you can include on their collar to keep your fur baby extra protected. For example, if you have pet insurance, ask for a Lost and Found tag to link to the collar. (Just remember that most shelters are closed on the weekends!)

  3. Ask your vet to check their microchip every year.

It never hurts to double check if your pet’s microchip is still working properly! At their annual check-up, ask your vet to scan your fur baby for their microchip at every visit to make sure it works. If your pets are registered, review and update your contact information. If they are microchipped but you have not registered your pet, you can register with one or more of the registries, but always register with the manufacturer of the microchip first.  Without registration, your fur baby might not make it home.

Pet not microchipped yet? Now’s the perfect time to get it done!

Microchipping is quick and is only about as painful as a quick blood draw for your pet. It is completely worth it in order to keep your pet safe for life!

Ask your vet or local shelter today about microchipping services.



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