Merry Catmas & Happy Pawlidays! The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs & Cats

Merry Catmas & Happy Pawlidays! The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs & Cats

‘Tis the season to celebrate holiday cheer! No matter which holidays you celebrate, it’s been a tough couple of years for humans AND for pets, and we all deserve to have the happiest pawliday season ever. 

If you’re a pet parent, then you know that spoiling your fur baby during the holiday season is an absolute blast! They bring so much love, joy, and laughs into our everyday lives—our world would never be the same without them!

Chloe Cole has all the holiday goodies for your beloved pet!

From Christmas and Hanukkah presents and New Year’s Eve celebrations, we have a wide selection of exclusive, luxurious gifts for dogs, cats, and pet parents! Check out our ultimate holiday gift guide below for the 2021 holiday season. 




Holiday-Themed Gifts for Dogs & Cats

For the pink-obsessed pet…


For the oh-so glamorous pet…


For the cozy Christmas pet…


For the Hanukkah pup…


For the special New Year’s Eve celebration…


Timeless Gifts for Dogs

Dog Toys


Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses


Spa, Health, & Grooming


Travel Necessities

Timeless Gifts for Cats

Cat Toys


Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses


Dining Accessories


Charms & Accessories


Looking for something else you don’t see here? There’s much more where that came from!

Our shop has hundreds of special, high-end products for dogs, cats, and their fur parents who love the finer things in life! Check out our entire shop for all of your pet needs and treats year-round.


The Chloe Cole team wishes you a happy holiday season, and can’t wait to continue to serve you next year!