Hot Summer Hacks for Pet Parents: 3 Warm Weather Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Feeling Great

 Ah, summer. The warm sun, long days, and time outside make summer a pet paradise. But warm weather also comes with its own set of problems and pitfalls that, as pet parents, we need to navigate to keep our fur babies feeling safe and comfortable. We’ve collected some helpful hacks to keep your pet feeling good and enjoying the summer months

1. Watch Out for Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration

                It's important to keep your pet well-hydrated through the summer months. Your beloved pet can lose essential water through drooling and sweating, so it’s essential to up their water intake, especially during exercise.

                Keep a watchful eye out for heat exhaustion, as well. Too much time spent in the hot summer sun can lead to some pretty serious health problems. Take frequent breaks in the shade and provide access to plenty of water. Or, consider moving playtime indoors in the air conditioning during overly hot and humid days. Be on the lookout for these common heat exhaustion symptoms in your fur baby:

    • Heavy panting
    • Abnormal gum color
    • Lethargy/ weariness
    • Body temperature over 103°F

    If you notice any of these signs, experts recommend cooling your fur baby down with a towel soaked in cool water, or giving them a rinse with a hose and giving them plenty of water to drink. If symptoms persist, a trip to the vet may be necessary.

    2.  Up Your Grooming Game

      Regular brushing and grooming can help keep your pet’s coat light and cool in the summer heat. While a trim might be helpful for long-haired fur babies, resist the urge to shave your pet or go for a too-close crop. While this might not seem intuitive, a close shave can actually expose your pet’s delicate skin to painful sunburn. In fact, regardless of hair length, you might consider picking up a pet-friendly sunscreen to keep your pet’s snout, ears, and tummy safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

      3. Pests, pests, pests

        Summer is high time for all sorts of bugs and parasites, and increased time exploring outdoors means more contact with these nasty critters. Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks can not only cause your fur baby discomfort, but they can also carry dangerous diseases. It’s good practice to give your pet regular checks for bumps and bites, especially after hikes or time spent at the park. Use a pet-friendly insect repellent and consider investing in specialty shampoos to protect your pet. If you suspect your pet has contracted a serious pest problem, contact your vet for specialized treatment.

        Summertime should be a fun time to spend basking in the sun and exploring the outdoors with your adorable fur baby. By taking some quick precautions and keeping a watchful eye out, pet parents can rest assured that their beloved pets will have an enjoyable, safe time during the summer months.

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