Fun Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Pet

Fun Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Pet

The summer months are upon us and that means it’s time to get outside, play and have some fun with our fur babies!

Thinking of fun activities to do with your dog or cat can be hard to come up with sometimes. So that’s why I pulled together fun summer activities you can do with your dog or your cat. Yep, your cat can get in on the fun as well!

I’ll start with your pooch first. Let’s dive into the Dog Days of Summer!

7 Fun Summer Activities to do with your Dog

  1. Hit the trail and go hiking
  2. Visit a vineyard together
  3. Play in the Pool
  4. Go for a picnic
  5. Frolic in Sprinklers or play in the backyard
  6. Supper with your pup
  7. Beach day

#1 Hit the Trail and go hiking

Whether you are surrounded by forest, desert, wetlands or mountains, hiking with your dog is a great reason to get outside and connect with nature. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, dogs can be great hiking companions. Your fur baby is going to love all the smells, sights, fresh air and exercise, too!
Be sure your pooch is socialized with other dogs and people and don’t forget about the weather. The last thing you want is your dog to get overheated on a hot day. To help with that, you can bring along water and travel bowels, like these here in the shop.

#2 Visit a vineyard together

Summer activities for your pup- visit a vineyard together

If your pooch is not one for the great outdoors, then consider visiting a local vineyard together. They are popping up all over the country now and most are dog-friendly and encourage you to bring your dog along. Many wineries even have dog-friendly events for pups and their people. With a quick Google search you could be off on your next adventure- just you and your pooch!

#3 Play in the Pool

What dog doesn’t like to splash around?! Ok, maybe this one isn’t for all dogs. But most love a good pool day! Hey, you can even make it a pool party and invite your friends and their dogs along. Don’t have a pool? Not to worry, some local pools have Dog Swim Days. How fun is that?!

#4 Go for a picnic

Summer activities for your pup- picnic

This one is a little more low key but perfect for a relaxed afternoon at your favorite park or grassy grounds. Make sure to bring some special treats like these donuts and some water along for your pooch- after all, the picnic is not just for you but your fur baby as well.

#5 Frolic in Sprinklers or play in the backyard

Make playtime in the backyard extra special this summer and set up some sprinklers for your dog to frolic in! You don’t need to have a pool to have fun with water. Use your imagination. You could even set up a doggie water obstacle course. It’s totally a thing…look it up! This is where the game of fetch can totally be elevated to the next level.

#6 Supper with your pup

So many restaurants are now allowing your pooch to join you table side. Some places even have special menus just for your fur baby. Think chicken over rice with a puppucino for dessert. Your pup will be begging for more summertime supper outings, that's for sure!

#7 Beach day

Summer activities for your pet- beach day

If you live near the ocean, a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon is at the beach. Search for dog-friendly off-leash beaches in your area. Let your dog run wild! Remember to bring Frisbees and balls for fetch like these ones here in the shop. Again, remember to pack plenty of water and your travel bowls. And don’t forget a towel and an umbrella to make sure you can get out of the sun whenever you need it.

Now let’s not forget about those feline friendly summer activities for your cat!

5 Fun Summer Activities to do with your Cat

  1. Make Some Frozen Treats
  2. Light Tag
  3. Scavenger Hunt
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Take a walk outside

#1 Make Some Frozen Treats

This can be so fun for your cat and such a special treat on a hot summer day. All you have to do is keep them in the freezer for easy access anytime. It can be a refreshing treat anytime in the summer. And it is so easy to make- you can definitely DIY your one at home.
Here’s some quick ideas for you…try freezing brine from a can of tuna, soup-style cat food or a meaty broth in an ice-cube tray.

#2 Light Tag

Summer activities for your cat- laser tag

You probably know this well enough that cats LOVE to chase lights! You don’t have to have anything special or fancy either. You could simply use a mirror to reflect some sunlight onto the floor. If you want to get a little more high tech, you could buy a laser pointer or FroliCat BOLT. Make sure to never shine the light in your cat’s eye and reward them with a treat when the game is over. You don’t want them frustrated because they never caught their “prey.”

#3 Scavenger Hunt

This will be a great activity for you and your cat to do together! Some cats can appreciate having some fun tasks to do, so why not try to engage your cat with a scavenger hunt! Start small to see if your cat is even interested. Have them look for toys or treats and put them in plain sight so they are easy to find. As your feline companion catches on, you can make it harder by adding more toys and treats and hiding them a little more stealthily.

#4 Hide and Seek

Summer activities for your cat- hide and seek

This may require more people than just you and your cat, because you will need someone to distract your cat while you hide. Once you’re hidden, call your cat by name. If that doesn’t work, take your fur baby’s favorite treat and shake it so they can hear you. This will for sure have them running to come find you. When they do, shower them with lots of praise and, of course, reward them with that treat! Cat can’t find you? No problem…leave a trail of treats to where you are hiding. They will for sure find you then.

#5 Take a walk outside

Contrary to what some may think, many cats do enjoy a nice stroll outside. If your cat is one of them that does, then summer is for sure the time to do it! Make sure you have the right type of harness and leash. I talked about that in a recent blog post 6 Benefits to Walking Your Pet.

Other ideas for fun feline summer activities include:

  • Plant a cat-friendly garden
  • Blow some pet friendly bubbles

These sunny days and warm weather call for getting outdoors and enjoying the summer months. Whether you like to swim, hike, splash around or sunbath- there’s an activity that is purrfect for your dog or cat this summer! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy these dog (and cat) days of summer!