Celebrate National Adoption Month: Everything you Need to Know About Adopting a Pet

Celebrate National Adoption Month: Everything you Need to Know About Adopting a Pet

Did you know that October is National Adoption Month? This cause is something that means a lot to us, because there are so many sweet fur babies in the world that need our love, care, and support to live their best possible life.

According to ASPCA, only 50% of shelter dogs and 50% of shelter cats are adopted per year. That means there are still millions of pets every single year who need a home. And unfortunately, many of the animals who aren’t adopted go down the path of euthanization.This is a tragic reality that is never fun to talk about or face, but it’s the truth.

The best way to give as many pets loving, life-long homes? To educate on not only the importance of adoption, but even more importantly, the importance of informed adoption: ensuring that families and individuals who adopt pets are ready for the responsibility that comes with it, to avoid rehoming pets over and over again.

Thinking about adopting? Let us help you get prepared!

We’re so passionate about informed adoption, that we did a lot of the work for you to give you this handy guide to determine if you and your family are ready to bring a new furry friend home with you to love and care for forever.

Check out our Guide to Adoption below before heading to your local shelter! Chloe Cole’s Guide to Informed Pet Adoption

Step 1: Ask yourself these questions...

  • Why do I want to adopt a pet? Do you want unconditional love and companionship, or do you want a pet because you’re bored or want to post photos on social media? There’s a big difference here!

  • Is my living arrangement stable? Will you be staying put in your residence for a while? Is where you’re living pet-friendly?

  • Is my living arrangement safe? Do you live in an environment that’s safe for pets, where they can’t get hurt or into major trouble?

  • Am I willing to make the time? Both cats and dogs need time dedicated to them everyday for feeding, exercising, and quality time.

  • Do I have consistent income to support a pet? From food to toys, accessories, vet visits, and potential emergencies, costs for pets add up quickly. This is a huge factor to consider.

  • Are my kids old enough to respect a pet? Make sure your kids understand how to safely and lovingly treat a pet before bringing one into your home.

    If you answered yes to ALL of the above questions, move onto step 2!

    Step 2: Research the pet you want to adopt.

    Whether you want to adopt a dog, cat, or even a smaller pet like a hamster, reptile, or bunny, make sure you take the time to properly research everything there is to know about the pet to decide if it’s right for you.

    For dogs and cats, be sure to research breeds and their traits, behaviors, shedding, allergies, and potential behavioral or medical issues.

    With adoption, it may be difficult to know exactly what kind of animal breed you’re getting, but it’s helpful to have some baseline knowledge of different breeds you’re interested in—and breeds, pet types, or behaviors you know for sure won’t work for you and your family!

    Step 3: Research local shelters

    There are so many different types of animal shelters and rescues to adopt from. It’s important to adopt from somewhere whose values align with yours, and where you know they treat their animals well and will be truthful about the pet’s situation, needs, and behaviors at the time of adoption.

    Refer to this list of questions from the American Kennel Club to ask a shelter before deciding to adopt a pet.

    Step 4: Prepare your home for your pet

    It’s best to prepare your home before you bring home your new pet, so you can help make them feel comfortable as soon as possible. Those first few weeks (even months) of having a new pet in the house can be a big adjustment period for everyone, not just your pet, so being as prepared as possible up front will set you up for success.


Check out this checklist from Petfinder of all the essentials you should have on hand before you bring home your new dog or cat.

Step 5: Welcome them with love and patience

It takes several weeks, even months, for some pets to get acclimated to their new family and home. It’s incredibly important to be patient, kind, and understanding during this time, and to be proactive with consistency and training for your pet.

Research local pet trainers, behaviorists, or classes in your area to support both you and your pet in making the transition as seamless as possible.

We are SO grateful for our pets!

Adopting a pet is truly life-changing—not just for them, but for you and your family, too! We couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful fur babies in our lives, and for those kindhearted people like you who give pets a second chance at life with adoption.

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