3 Pawfect Birthday Gifts for Cats & Dogs

3 Pawfect Birthday Gifts for Cats & Dogs

& pet party-planning tips!


Everyone deserves to have a fun, memorable birthday celebration every year—pets included! As a loving pet parent (just like us!), we understand just how important it is to make your fur babies feel extra loved and special on their birthdays. One of the best ways to do that is to treat them to some of the highest quality and most luxurious products.


Lucky for you, we’ve got all that and more! We have a large variety of couture accessories, clothing, grooming products, gift boxes, and more for dogs AND cats. And better yet, we’ll provide you with a personalized shopping experience to help you select the best products for your unique pet.


See below for some of our top three favorites (and most popular!) selections for celebrating your dog or cat’s next special day.


Top 3 Birthday Gifts for Dogs

Designer Collars

Nothing says ‘couture’ like a new, designer-made collar for your pup! They’ll be the best dressed dog in the room with one of our many designer collars, available in a variety of patterns, sparkles, and embellishments!




Ties & Bow Ties

Perfect for the dapper male dog in your life! Chloe Cole has an impressive selection of ties and bow ties in many different patterns, all made in soft, comfortable material for easy wearing. You’ll want to get out the camera to capture this sweet moment for sure!




Dog Birthday Box & Gifts

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without a special birthday gift box specially curated for your fur baby. From sweet treats like cakes, cookies, and donuts to celebratory toys and accessories, we have the perfect gift for pups of all styles and personalities.




Top 3 Birthday Gifts for Cats

Cat Trees & Condos

There’s nothing your sweet kitty will love more than a new throne for them to reign over its castle… because we all know our cats run the home! We can’t think of a better time to give your cat an upgrade than for their birthday!




Interactive Cat Toys

It might be difficult to impress a cat, but these interactive cat toys are sure to impress cats of any age! Your fur baby will have fun all day long with one of our many different options, from laser toys to feeders and frolicats!




Cat Pampering

Lastly, what’s a birthday celebration without a little pampering?! Your cat deserves to have the full grooming experience for their special day—including freshly manicured nails! We have lots of polish pens in many different colors that are safe for cats and dogs!




Book a Personalized Shopping Experience!

From a special outfit, to a birthday cake, and everything in between, Chloe Cole Pet Couture is your trusted source for personalized shopping of luxury pet products and services! Each experience is customized to your needs and budget. Even if you do not see something you want on our website, let us know and we will find it for you from one of our trusted designers.


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But birthdays aren’t just about the gifts…

… it’s about throwing an exciting party for your fur baby’s fur friends and human friends alike!


Need help planning your next big birthday pawty? Here are our best tips!


  1. Choose a location where your pet feels most comfortable.
    Whether that be your house or backyard, their favorite park, beach, or maybe even their best furry friend’s house, choose a location where they will feel comfortable and familiar with to fully enjoy themselves.

  2. Plan fun, interactive activities for pets & humans.
    Keep the party alive with a couple planned activities or games for both pets and their owners. Things like obstacle courses and scavenger hunts are always a hit for both animals and their humans!

  3. Only use pet-friendly décor!

Chloe Cole has a wide selection of pet-friendly accessories, party favors, treats, toys, and more! Shop our selection today and order to be delivered right to your door (or the party venue!)


Happy party planning, friends! Make sure to tag @chloecolepetcouture on Instagram so we can celebrate along with you!