3 Fur-ocious Halloween Costume Alternatives for Pets Who Hate Dressing Up

3 Fur-ocious Halloween Costume Alternatives for Pets Who Hate Dressing Up

Halloween is one of our absolute favorite times of year! The fall season is so cozy, warm, and nostalgic for many reasons, and it becomes exceptionally more fun when we have kids to help us get back in the spooky spirit.

We’re not just talking about human kids, here—we’re talking about our fur babies, too!

But what do you do if your pet hates wearing costumes?! Does that mean you have to give up on getting into the Halloween spirit?

Don’t worry—you can still have a pawsitively fun Halloween, even with fussy pets!

Just because your pet doesn’t love dressing up, doesn’t mean they still can’t be fur-ociously festive for the holiday!

Check out our favorite Halloween apparel and accessories for dogs and cats who hate dressing up.

1. Bandanas

Bandanas are an easy solution to dress up your pup without forcing them to wear a heavy costume! From Jack-o-Lanterns to tuxedo bandanas, or spooky patterns, your pup will be ready to pawty with their cute neckwear!

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2. Collars & Leashes

Looking for something even more simple and convenient for both your pup or kitty? Collars and leases are always a fun and easy way to get in the spirit for all occasions—not just Halloween! We love this Boo Halloween dog collar for dogs, and leash and harness set for cats!

Speaking of harnesses...

3. Harnesses

If your pet is comfortable with wearing a harness, you’re in luck! There are lots of creative harnesses out there to dress your dog or cat up for Halloween, without them wanting to take off their costume all day! This Batman cape harness for dogs is absolutely adorable, as is the bat wing harness for cats!

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