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New Kitten

New Kitten

By Mae Randa

Congratulations!  You have a new kitten in your home.  This is an exciting time to get to know your new family member.  In addition to the items on the checklist below, you will need to help your little kitten feel safe in her new home.  Give her time to explore.

When the kitten arrives, have a safe room ready with the door closed.  The safe room should have a cat bed, litter box, toys, food and water bowls.  It is important to have a space where the kitten can hide.  This can be a cat condo, cat tunnel or a small, clean cardboard box.  A comfy cat bed can be placed in or near the hiding place.  I also like to keep the cat carrier open with a soft bed inside.  This will give her a safe place to hide and make it easier to use the carrier before a veterinary visit in the future.  Kittens love to scratch.  Be sure to have a horizontal and vertical scratching post or pad.

If this is your first kitten, I recommend getting a new kitten book.  It is important to schedule a new pet visit with your veterinarian.  Most veterinarians have new kitten plans that include vaccinations and a microchip.  This is also the right time to choose a pet insurance plan.

Have fun with the new addition to your family, take a lot of photos and remember that pets are forever.

New Kitten List

  • Safe breakaway cat collar
  • Pet tag
  • Kitten food
  • Fresh water daily
  • Litter box
  • Litter scooper
  • Kitten-safe litter
  • Food and water bowls
  • Cat bed
  • Cardboard box or cat condo
  • Cat tree
  • Horizontal cat scratchers
  • Safe kitten toys
  • Interactive toys
  • Grooming comb or brush
  • Nail trimmers (ask vet how)
  • Styptic Powder (to use if needed during nail trim)
  • Treats
  • Lots of love

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