Dippy Dot Brown and Pink Potty Time Chimes Training Aid

Potty Time Chimes Potty Training Aid | Chloe Cole Pet Couture
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Color: Dark brown with medium blue dots

Size: Adjustable to fit the height of your pet no matter its age or size

Includes: Includes crate and bell training DVD yours for FREE!


Potty Time Chimes are the perfect potty training solution. The ribbon can  be adjusted (19.5" to 30") to the height of your dog. Potty Time Chimmes can be used for small puppies and up to large breed adult dogs. 

  1. Hang Potty Time Chimes on your door knob
  2. Everytime you take your puppy outisde to go potty, swipe your puppy's paw or nose across the bells and say "potty"
  3. Praise puppy for going potty

Your puppy then associates ringing the bells with needing to go outside to go potty!


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