All Weather Dog Boots Black

All Weather Dog Boots Black | Chloe Cole Pet Couture
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Size 1 Only

For small dogs under 13 lbs. 


Please click HERE to download and print the Paw Size Chart. Print at 100%


All Weather Dog Boot Features:

  • All Weather dog boots feature a tough and sturdy but pliant and comfortable non-skid rubber sole that grips the ground even in the harshest conditions.
  • Drawstring and pull cord pulls the top of the boot snug to help keep the rain, snow and mud out and paws dry.
  • They are easy to pull on and take off.
  • The velcro strip not only holds the boots firmly and snuggly in place it also features a reflector stripe for safety at dusk and nighttime.
  • Available in sizes 1-9 to fit the smallest to the largest dogs.
  • Color availability: blue/black and black/black
  • Comes in clear plastic zipper pouch in a set of 4.

Please Note: Dogs should always be supervised and not left unattended when wearing boots.

Do not leave boots on your dog for long periods of time (no more than 4-5 hours) as they may cause discomfort and irritation to your dog. Just as you want to take your shoes off after wearing them for great lengths of time!

Do not put boots on your dog when paws and are wet or injured or if there are any medical conditions. If you are unsure, please check with your vet.

Dog Boot Size Chart




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